About Us

Modern and protected archival infrastructure

The modern archive space of “Archive 360” is protected 24 hours a day, there is a fire, flood, electronic access control and a modern warehouse management system.

We provide services in any region of Georgia. Our experienced team will take care of arranging the documents and placing them safely.

Why do you need our service?

  1. Professional archiving, you will significantly reduce costs;
  2. You will free up extra space;
  3. Document retrieval is 5 times faster.

Services include:

  • Complete collection of documents;
  • Archiving documents;
  • Examining the value of documents;
  • Allocating documents for destruction;
  • Preparation of mandatory documents;
  • Significant savings in office space;
  • Timely destruction of documents;
  • Reduce unwanted workload on your employees;
  • Security of important documents and information;