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Save documents

We store your documents By using our modern archive space, you will be able to reduce costs and increase the security of records, while at the same time having access to documents, if needed. Have access to documents at any time as needed If necessary, we can provide you with scanned or original documents 24/7. […]
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Scan documents

We scan your documents Give your employees instant access to electronic documents. Our trained and specialized team will take care of reducing your workload on both long-term and one-off projects. Scanning projects tailored to your needs We have extensive experience in scanning services Scan current documents Scan large documents Integration with document management systems
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Destroying documents

Confidential destruction When you no longer need your documents or devices, we will ensure their environmentally friendly and safe disposal. Types of services available We offer a variety of services according to your needs Write down and destroy documents The value of the documents is checked; Selection of destruction of expired documents; Regular removal of […]
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Digitization of documents

World-class record management system Archive 360 offers clients the best ways to manage information and provides quick and easy access to that information. We offer a full package of implementation services Our implementation services include: Installing the program both locally and dynamically Software implementation of customer requirements and processes. Migrating your existing system to our […]
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